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RapidSOS builds technology that protects lives by connecting families and communities to first responders in emergencies. This portal provides you API access to the emergency response data platform, so you can send and view various types of life-saving data to empower stronger, safe communities.

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The RapidSOS Platform 


Our platform enables RapidSOS Ready companies to share life-saving data in emergencies. Our Tech Partners share incident-specific data to protect users, employees, and communities. Our Public Safety Partners display and query data for every emergency.


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TecH Partner INTEGRATIONS (input)


Tech Partners (SiriusXM, Uber, etc.) can share incident-specific data through our platform using these APIs:



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Public Safety partner integrations (output)


Public Safety partners (ECCs, CAD, CPE GIS Providers) that need to display and query emergency data can use one or both of these integrations:

  • Integrated RapidSOS Portal 
  • API integration


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Finding the right APIs

Before you begin, please review the available RapidSOS APIs that fit your needs. You can find more information on APIS and Integration in the API CATALOG.

Tech Partners can get started by contacting RapidSOS using our web form. Once received, we’ll promptly review your information and a member of our team will contact you with more details.

Public safety partners can create an account with RapidSOS by emailing PARTNERENABLEMENT@RAPIDSOS.COM. Once registered, you’re ready to start integrating our API solutions and developing. Use the SANDBOX ENVIRONMENT to access dummy data and safely test all API functionality.


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Emergency WorkFlow API

The RapidSOS Emergency WorkFlow API packages our deep expertise on the technical and policy challenges associated with the antiquated, complex 9-1-1 system into a single API call, enabling you to focus on quickly implementing a safe and effective emergency solution for your users.

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Getting started

Testing Resources


Available Testing Resources

Available testing resources to get you past the finish line.

RapidSOS Partner Tool is used to add numbers to the RapidSOS Sandbox environment for the purpose of testing and development.

RapidSOS Sandbox Testing Numbers are a set of default phone numbers that can be used when developing and testing integrations within the Sandbox environment. These numbers are intended for development use only.


RapidSOS Products

This Developer Portal contains a variety of API products that help make it easy for you to adopt, integrate, and protect lives. The information contained in this site can be used to help determine, adopt, and implement life saving application solutions.


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 frontend SDKs and backend API interfaces that help make it easy for you to adopt, integrate, and save lives

Need help?

Do you have a question? Our Knowledge Center provides answers to the most common questions. Did not find the answer you are looking for? We are happy to help.

About us

We build APIs that share data with first responders to help protect lives.