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Integrated RapidSOS Portal (iRP) v.2

  • Public Safety Integrations

REST API used for integrating RapidSOS portal (iRP) v2 into partner solutions with Deep Links retrieval.

Authentication Token for Ingress and Egress APIs

  • Other

These HTTPS endpoints are used to obtain a token that allows partners to push or request data from the RapidSOS Emergency Data Platform API endpoints.

Alert Management API for Public Safety Integration Partners

  • Public Safety Integrations

Provides a RESTful interface to query for and update the status of active alerts from various sources that the requesting entity is authorized to access.

Alert Management API for Tech Partners

  • Tech Partners

Provides a RESTful interface to create request emergency dispatch for an ongoing incident.

Emergency WorkFlow API

  • Tech Partners

The RapidSOS Emergency WorkFlow API packages our deep expertise on the technical and policy challenges associated with the antiquated, complex 9-1-1 system into a single API call, enabling you to focus on quickly implementing a safe and effective emergency solution for your users.

RAD-E (RapidSOS Additional Data) Enhanced

  • Public Safety Integrations

RapidSOS Additional Data (RAD) API for querying user and session data in an emergency.

Geospatial Layers API

  • Public Safety Integrations

Use this JSON API interface to request polygons from the RapidSOS database and display on a mapping solution.

LEI (Latest Emergency Information)

  • Public Safety Integrations

RESTful API for retrieving location data from the RapidSOS NG911 clearinghouse.

Integrated RapidSOS Portal (iRP) API

  • Public Safety Integrations

This API is used for integrating the RapidSOS Portal into partner solutions.

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