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Understanding the Basics


What is the Emergency Response Data Platform?

The Emergency Response Data Platform is a central repository for supplemental data that comes from a variety of different partner integration sources. Today, it contains data from 911inform, 911 Secure, Apple, Avaya, Google Android, MedicAlert, Safe Zone, Uber, and Waze, as well as many more integration partners.

The integration methods RapidSOS provides allows Partner integrators to send emergency related information, and for Public Safety integrators to receive emergency related information. 



Integration Partner Methods

Typically, integration partners can receive emergency related information from the RapidSOS Emergency Response Data Platform, or can send emergency related information to the RapidSOS Emergency Response Data Platform.


Receiving Emergency Response Data

Public Safety integrations

If you are intending to receive emergency related information from the Emergency Response Data Platform (must be a verified ECC), follow the Public Safety Integrations documentation, and related APIs found on this site.


Sending Emergency Response Data

tech Partner integrations

If you intend to send data to the RapidSOS Emergency Response Data Platform, follow the Tech Partner Integrations documentation, and related APIs found on this site.



additional resources:

Visit our Knowledge Center for information about RapidSOS Developer Portal, Frequently Asked Questions, Test tools, and additional help resources.

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