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About the RapidSOS Developer Portal

RapidSOS creates technology that empowers safer, strong communities by connecting people, devices, and families directly to first responders in emergencies. This developer portal contains a variety of products and APIs to share or display data with public safety agencies.


We’re partnering with innovative companies and public safety to protect lives

Advances in technology have transformed our world, but our emergency response system lags behind. Each year, over one billion emergencies rely on the limited context of a phone call, resulting in delays in dispatch. But it doesn’t have to be that way – sharing additional data with first responders can save lives.


Cutting response times with life-saving data

Built in partnership with thousands of first responders, the RapidSOS platform has evolved over eight years of research with over $100 million in funding. We share data from connected vehicles, building platforms, security panels and sensors, healthcare devices and databases, and more, to get emergency data into the hands of first responders, cutting response times and saving lives.


The trusted data provider for public safety

We work with partners certified as RapidSOS Ready to link over 350 million connected devices and sensors to public safety agencies. The RapidSOS platform is used in over 4,800 emergency communications centers worldwide, covering over 92 percent of the US population. 


Transforming the global emergency response system

The 911 system was built for landline phones, using antiquated technology from the 1960s. First responders can typically only receive information about emergencies that’s communicated over a phone call, and have no way of receiving additional data from smart devices, alarms, or sensors. RapidSOS is building a cloud-based infrastructure to support a reliable and secure digital connection between 911 and life-saving data sources.

About us

We build APIs that share data with first responders to help protect lives.