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RapidSOS Partner Tool

How to use the RapidSOS Partner Tool

This tool is has been created to allow partners the ability to simulate an emergency call. This tool is available to partners for testing and demonstration purposes. 

Note: You must be a RapidSOS partner to use this tool. If you do not have a Partner Account today and would like one, please reach out to SUPPORT@RAPIDSOS.COM.


Login to your Partner Account

Login into your RapidSOS Partner Account using the unique url and pin provided to you by the RapidSOS Implementation Engineering team. 


View your Demos


Once logged into your account, you can view and select the different demos permissioned to you by the RapidSOS team.


If you would like access to more demos than currently permissioned too, please reach out to SUPPORT@RAPIDSOS.COM


Simulate an Emergency Call


Select the ‘Emergency Call’ or ‘911 Call’ demo on the Demos Overview page to simulate a 911 call in the RapidSOS Sandbox Environment. To simulate a 911 emergency call, please follow the following steps:

  1. Specify a phone number
  2. Specify a location by using the search bar on the map or manually moving the map cursor 
  3. Add the specified location(s) (“Add Marker”)
  4. Run Demo


Note that the emergency call will only appear in your Sandbox Portal Account if the location of the emergency call falls within the jurisdictional boundary of your sandbox account. Additionally, note that if Jurisdiction View is not enabled on your sandbox account then the call will note automatically appear and you will need to manually query for the phone number.



If you do not have access to a Sandbox Portal Account, please reach out to SUPPORT@RAPIDSOS.COM



If you have any questions about the above or are experiencing any issues using your Partner Account please reach out to SUPPORT@RAPIDSOS.COM


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