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Account Registry1.0.0

Building Safety Account Registry API for registering live locations.


The RapidSOS Account registry is a multifunctional tool used for both accounting and emergency call direction for our School Safety Solution. Your organization is fully responsible for maintaining records - inclusive of inserts, updates, and deletions.

All payload formats must match the specifications below, failure to do so may result in improper accounting. 

At any time an update occurs for a URI, all variables need to be sent again

Best Practice is to update end users within the RapidSOS Account Registry when they begin or terminate service automatically.

Commercial / Residential Accounting


uri": "client-id://1234",
    "data": {
        "Client_Name": "RapidSOS",      ---- string
        "Client_Type": "Enterprise" or "Residential",      ---- string
        "Client_City": "New York",       ---- string
        "Client_State": "NY",      ---- string, 2 letter state abbreviation
        "Client_Zip_Code": "10016",      ---- string, 5 digit code
        "Client_Permit_Number": "12345",     ---- string, alphanumeric, alpha, numeric
        "Client_Permit_Expiration": "10/13/2044",    ---- string, MM/DD/YYYY format
        "FCC_ID": "NY_1233",      ---- string
        "Responding_PSAP": "NYPD",       ---- string
        "Preferred_PSAP_Number": "+15558689966"      ---- string, 10 digit number E164 format


If your organization is providing services to Commercial or Residential clients, please use the below example to guide you through your development.


    • The character limit for a URI is 100
    • Your organization is responsible for updating the end users and removing them if service is cancelled
    • Permit Number and Expiration

      • Some jurisdictions require permit numbers to dispatch. If a residential client has an alarm, they should have their permit number available once they register the alarm with their jurisdiction. If your end user does not have this, they can contact their local city hall to register and provide this number. 

        • If there is a jurisdiction that requires permits to dispatch and a permit is not on file - dispatch may be denied per ordinance. RapidSOS does not keep a running list of which areas actively require permit numbers. Best practice is to require residential end users to provide this.  

    • BOLDED FIELDS- optional routing structure

      • RapidSOS understands that some jurisdictions may work closely with their local commercial building and provide them a specific phone number to dial in the event of an emergency. While this is on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis, RapidSOS has made the ability for our clients to provide a specific ECC phone number for our Safety Agents to call:

        • If your organization plans to provide a specific ECC phone number, all three fields are required to ensure delivery of both a phone call and your digital alert to the appropriate ECC:

          • FCC ID:
            • The FCC ID is an ECC’s unique identifier provided by the Federal Communications Center. A link to the master Registry can be found below.
              • 911 MASTER REGISTRY FOR ECC IDS
                • Please note that RapidSOS does not manage this list, but requires the FCC ID be provided at the time of onboarding should you choose to utilize the specific phone number.
              • If your school has a specified ECC number, please enter it here. This number will be known by the school if it is needed.
              • Telephone number must be in E164 format, to include the +1

    If you choose to utilize this optional routing structure, all three fields are required (FCC ID, Responding PSAP Name, and Responding PSAP Number) to ensure that a RapidSOS Safety Agent calls and sends a digital alert to the same ECC.

    If a specific ECC is not provided, a pre-vetted third party database will be consulted, the closest geographic ECC to the alarm location will be connected.



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