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RapidSOS Enhanced Data Window in VESTA 911

The RapidSOS Enhanced Data functionality inside VESTA 911 7.1 SP1 and above is unique and feature-rich. The Enhanced Data window is a service jointly developed by RapidSOS and Airbus DS Communications, and differs from other RapidSOS integrations in several main aspects:

  • In addition to real-time location information for the caller, other data from the RapidSOS NG911 Clearinghouse can be displayed in a secure and controlled browser-based interface. This additional data can include profile information related to the caller, data from the device or additional information about the incident location.
  • Service Providers and PSAP Administrators can customize which content is displayed for which role, and can manage keys (Access Credentials) for their users without having to go through the RapidSOS Developer Portal (Note: Admin accounts to the ADR Admin Portal are administered separately from the Developer Portal).
  • Other integrations (such as VESTA Map Local) query the NG911 Clearinghouse periodically (configurable every X seconds seconds), whereas the Enhanced Data Window in VESTA 911 is automatically refreshed.

Please see the following documents for further information:




For technical questions regarding firewall setup and network connectivity, please contact Airbus DS Communications. The mechanisms and parameters described elsewhere in the Developer Portal refer to other integration methods such as LIS (NENA i3 compliant Location Information Server), they aren’t necessarily applicable to the Enhanced Data functionality in VESTA 911.

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