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The RapidSOS Sandbox Testing Numbers are a set of default phone numbers that can be used when developing and testing integrations within the Sandbox environment. These numbers are intended for development use only and may or may not contain consistent or uniform data. These numbers are also used in conjunction with our own internal testing and may be modified at any time to meet our development team's needs. These numbers are not intended for demonstration purposes.

If you need more consistent data or a specific number please see the RapidSOS Location Creation Utility for more information on adding numbers to the RapidSOS Sandbox environment.


Default Sandbox Numbers

  • Default test number
    • Phone number: 15555555555
  • Location only test number
    • Phone number: 14444444444
  • Uber Test Number
    • Phone number: 13333333333
  • MedicAlert Test Numbers
    • Phone number: 15555555557
      • MedicAlert account number:
        • 80698108261
    • Phone number: 19999999999
      • MedicAlert account number:
        • 999999
        • 1234
  • Emergency Health Profile Test Number
    • Phone number: 12222222222
  • 911 Inform phase 1 Test Number
    • Phone number: 12015551911
  • Cove Test Number
    • Phone number: 15555555556
  • SafeZone Test Number
    • Phone number: 15555555557
  • URSafe App Test Number
    • Phone number: 15555555558
  • Chick-fil-A App Test Number
    • Phone number: 15555555559
  • Live Freely Test Number
    • Phone number: 15555555553
  • ZeroEyes App Test Number
    • Phone number: 15555555554
  • 911 Secure Test Number
    • Phone number: 15555555551
  • Kazoo App Test Number
    • Phone number: 15555555552
  • Republic Wireless Test Number
    • Phone number: 15555555550
  • SiriusXM Test Number
    • Phone number: 155555555551000
  • Amazon GSOC Test Number
    • Phone number: 15555555511
  • Brave Test Number
    • Phone number: 15555555549

NOTE: The Geospatial Layers API requires some custom configuration by RapidSOS before development and testing can begin. Please contact if you are interested in integrating to the Geospatial Layers API.

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